Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior: a powerful one-woman show

“Smoke machine clouds announce that shit is about to get real. The stage is groggy with all the smoke but we can still make out a pair of Puma high-tops. They’re navy, well-worn and say a great deal about their missing owner: a B-Girl, a dancer of loyalty, a fierce mess of fearlessness and fucked up incredible talent. Then she’s there: Demi Sorono. On stage in a Chicago Bulls jersey, putting on her kicks and the mask of many. Without warning she becomes a gangster, a prankster, a singer… her mother. An all-rounder. A one-woman show doesn’t give this woman enough credit.” (Emma Dempsey, The Music)

Directed by Gerard Veltre
Written by Gerard Veltre and Demi Sorono
Performance by: Demi Sorono
Music by: Mc Julez, Zane Beck, Demi Sorono
Animation by: Sebastian Fowler