Connecting communities through art

Who is Phunktional?

Phunktional delivers long-term Community Arts and Cultural Development projects, tours educational theatre and produces award-winning dance, theatre and film productions.

Our purpose is to support the creation of art that is a catalyst for greater connectedness, community engagement and inter-cultural understanding.

Our vision is to create world-class art that enables a greater diversity of human perspectives and experiences to be heard in Australian and international conversations.

Message sticks

Message Sticks

These days, passing on a message is as simple as sending a DM or making a call, – however, this wasn’t the case for the First Nations’ Ancestors.

In their traditional culture, the Ancestors could communicate across the vastness of this Country, without a smartphone or modern technology. The message stick is of importance in First Nations’ cultures.

Phunktional has put a modern twist on passing on delivering messages for the purpose of the Beyond the Walls production. Click below to read some of the digital messages.

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