Who Stole The Sole?

What Is Who Stole The Sole?

Who Stole the Sole is our highly successful performance, which explores issues of cyber-bullying, e-security, sexting and physical violence.

Suitable for secondary school-aged students in years 7-12 and parents.


“We were impressed by how much the students took in We especially liked the promotion that everyone has private stuff that is your choice if and when you disclose. The finale and discussion of the legal consequences of sexting we thought was extremely valuable”
Dr. Virginia Dods, Office of the Child Safety Commissioner

“The performance was totally engaging for the audience and was executed skilfully by the actors with the messages being very well delivered and received”
Inspector Dixon, Victoria Police

“Young people are engaged in more help-seeking behaviour following ‘Who Stole the Sole?’ which is a credit to the research and effort Phunktional put into their performances”
Melanie Hayward, Student Wellbeing, Sunbury College

“Provided our students with valuable food for thought”
Geelong Grammar School