Love Drunk

What Is Love Drunk?

Love Drunk is a high impact theatre performance for young people and the wider community around issues of safe partying, sexual consent and family violence. It is a fun and entertaining way for the community to support their young people learning about the issues and where to go for help.

Suitable for middle to senior secondary school-aged students in years 9-12 and parents.


“The strength of Love Drunk can be seen in the level of student engagement. These programs can be considered very useful tools for schools to use to complement their health and well-being curriculum”
Dr Virginia Dods, Office of the Child Safety Commissioner

“The students were spellbound – The performers were able to give messages that were far more effective than any teacher could deliver in class.”
Thomas Moore College

“Love Drunk is a powerful tool for educating young people about consent in teenage relationships. Powerful because it uses humour and themes relevant to young people to engage them around this tricky legal concept. The audience are involved, entertained, and almost without noticing it, educated”
Bevan Warner, Managing Director, Victoria Legal Aid

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